50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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2. Thresh

MadLife was discussed briefly during the Blitzcrank segment, but he definitely needs a larger tribute here. Blitzcrank is where the support revolution began, but it certainly ended with the release of Thresh. Once this champion was out, MadLife was given the tools to transform the entire game. Support became a roaming, playmaking, peeling, catching monster that could strike at any moment. A simple montage of his plays shows all you need to know.

There are so many times during this video that jaws drop, it’s incomparable to any other support. Thresh makes support fun for casual and competitive players. Many have gone on record saying nothing matches the feeling of playing Thresh on the live stage. He is simply created in such a way that permits amazing plays. You can lantern people to safety, catch an enemy out with a hook, flay or ult to peel the enemy back or twist those two around and use them hyper-aggressively. Madlife was able to turn this support from a defensive shield to a calculated weapon, making each ability into an offensive strike.

And it’s not like this support is only amazing because of Madlife. He certainly revolutionized how to use it, but the rest of the community caught on and is able to mimic many parts of his playstyle. Thresh’s manage to Madlife enemies consistently in solo Q because of his innovation, and Thresh is simply the best tool available.

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