50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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1. Ezreal

This may surprise some of you, but Ezreal simply has the most perfectly designed kit in League of Legends. Particularly when utilizing his “Blue Build” Ezreal is able to perfectly chain abilities together in such a way that is magic to see. This magnificent 1v5 pentakill by Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes perfectly displays the potential Ezreal has.

This adrenaline-causing play shows him perfectly weaving Mystic Shots between enemies, maximizing damage while using his mobility to avoid skillshots. His kit also rewards good play because landing a skillshot reduces the cooldown of his other abilities. This allows a player that manages to hit every shot, like Stixxay does here, to simply melt entire teams. Additionally, when landing a skillshot, he gains attack speed, rewarding good play even more. No champion has such a flawlessly designed kit, and he’s managed to go untouched for years because of it.

Literally, the only change Riot has implemented for Ezreal is adding AD scaling to his E to give him a slight buff after the marksman update. Other than that, this champion has remained exactly the same. There isn’t a single champion that rewards perfect play like Ezreal and this play proves it.

This was a long journey through this entire list, but we finally made it to the end with Ezreal making it to number one and beating out everyone else.

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