50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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46. Xerath

The arcane mage is a poke monster that takes an inordinate amount of skill to master. Watching the ranged menace pick apart teams is satisfying to say the least, even if the waveclear fest he brings to the table can stall out a game longer than it should.

Xerath has a very fluid kit where each spell works well in combination with another, with the only partial outlier being his Q, which is normally just spammed from a long range. If you land a stun, you can follow up with each of his other abilities, which makes for an enjoyable minigame of a skillshot fest.

Xerath also gave birth to the concept of the sniper, something Jhin has copied with his ult. An ultimate that requires you to be immobilized, followed by a utilization of numerous long range skillshots was clearly a good idea, and it’s something Riot brought into other characters. That is a sign of good champion design — or maybe they’re just running out of ideas…

Either way, Xerath is a high skill cap and unique champion that can fit into almost any team composition. He has stuck around professional play where we see the best players in the world lane skillshot after skillshot, and even though he can have repetitive gameplay, he brings something special to every game he’s in.

This slick 1v1 from Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg on Xerath against Azir showed a decent counter to Azir, who had been dominating the mid lane for the entire season.

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