50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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45. Nautilus

Nautilus is our favorite anchor-toting sea terror. With undoubtedly the greatest joke in the game, he places at 45. To be completely honest, overall, his kit is relatively lackluster besides two abilities, his anchor toss and ultimate. He is a staple champion, seeing play in literally every position barring ADC, and what puts him in this omnipotent position is his ability to lock down targets. Any carry player out there can attest to the amount of crowd control Nautilus can pour into a teamfight.

It’s great to have abilities in the game that can simply hold back a character. When playing against an insanely fed Vayne, Nautilus with an ultimate can easily waste crucial seconds of her time, freeing up a team to win a teamfight.

He’s a playmaker and a tank with a relative amount of skill required for optimal use. Champions like Maokai, which fill similar roles, lack the same amount of enjoyment and fun in their kits, which is why Nautilus takes their spot.

Of course, we’re not to the prime slots of the list yet, so champions are not as close to perfect as they could be. Nautilus does have an essentially useless ability in his shield, which is boring and not even remotely creative, giving Trick2g’s signature nickname for Nautilus, “Uslessness,” some merit. However, bringing a cool way to engage in nearly every role across the map makes him an intriguing addition to the community of champions.

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