50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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44. Nocturne


Nocturne’s ultimate is one of the coolest abilities in the game, allowing for unique, globally-focused team compositions, as well as him being able to go full tank, full damage or anywhere in between. Although he struggles in many cases sticking to targets, and is outclassed in some ways by champions like Rengar, the satisfaction of a well-coordinated Nocturne ultimate was too high to pass up.

Not only is seeing him fly across the map to an unsuspecting target highly thrilling, but the ability to discombobulate the enemy team by blinding them to their surroundings is special. No other champion can achieve a similar task, making Nocturne a niche pick destined for competitive coordination.

As mentioned, unfortunately, he has difficulty sticking to targets due to low mobility once his ultimate is used, but the simple fact that he has such an intriguing aspect to his kit is what gives him such potency.

TSM realized this very early on and famously utilized global team compositions back in Season 2 and 3. Karthus or Twisted Fate with a Nocturne and Shen made their constant map pressure nearly unbearable, and even highly skilled teams would sometimes fall apart at the joint strike.

The variety of builds, uniqueness of kit and specialty Nocturne brings to a team is what lands him at 44.

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