50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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43. Nasus

Nasus is one of the most polarizing champions to make it onto the list. Nearly everybody who is forced to lane against this champion detests it. With seemingly infinite sustain from his passive and literally infinite scaling on his damage, Nasus can be unfun to have in your game. It can feel like your Nasus will never group and the enemy Nasus can simply one-shot you.

Although all of this is true, it is important to consider some of the amazing moments that have been created solely because of this champion. There have been numerous insane backdoors and game finishes prompted from a unique style of playing the game that is driven by Nasus and his kit. He is designed for the split-push in a way that no other champion is. Instead of being designed to get fed off of skirmishes and 1v1s to give snowballing power for future teamfights, he is completely focused on turret destruction. This can be a pain to deal with, but it gives an extra tool to the many available to win games in League of Legends.

Although his gameplay can be oppressive, this champion certainly fits the criteria to make it to this point on the list, particularly because of his special moments. He may not have a fluid kit, but the numerous backdoors prompted by his unique style of play give him plenty of credits. The first that comes to mind took place in an epic finish during an LCS playoff game between TSM and Dignitas. Dignitas were losing the game everywhere else on the map, but their Nasus was able to utilize his nexus destroying capabilities to take the game into his own hands. Bjergsen’s 8-1 Syndra was only to be beat if it was avoided, and that’s exactly what Nasus allowed Dignitas to do.

This series was followed up by another crazy finish in Game 2, so it’s definitely a series worth watching. Check it out if you ever have some extra time on your hands.

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