ARURF: 20 best URF champions to get in All Random URF

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Shaco might be the most annoying champion in the game, but that’s all he ever really is — annoying.

In URF, Shaco is not only annoying, but powerful.

Usually, whenever you run into one of his boxes in some brush, you’ll easily walk away with barely any damage lost at all. The only thing he will have done to you is annoyed you.

The annoyance is still there in URF, but if you run into one of his traps this time, you can guarantee to see a million more of them — and they will chop your health bar to pieces.

Dealing with the damage from his boxes wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t for all the games Shaco players put you through. Between the unlimited potential his Q and R have in URF, Shaco players will be out to troll you more than anything else. You’ll want to kill him more than anything in the world, but how can you kill that which has no life?


Please, please never reroll if you get Sona. It’s OK if you’ve never played her, because she is as easy as it gets and might be the best champion in URF.

Ezreal is the king of spamming, and Sona is his queen. She is broken in URF because her abilities are very strong and literally always up. There’s never a second in URF when a Sona player says, “Crap, I have to wait a couple of seconds to do that.” No, Sona is always spamming — always killing things. At least Ezreal has to hit skill shots. Sona players can just close their eyes and kill you.

Damage would be one thing to deal with, but her utility is equally as insane in URF as she can speed up and heal like there’s no tomorrow.

All Random URF was created for a reason, and Sona is definitely one of those reasons.