ARURF: 20 best URF champions to get in All Random URF

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Oh, Satan.

We hate you so, so much — and it only makes sense for that hatred to carry over into URF.

Teemo is an annoying creature for numerous reasons, and every single one of those just gets worse in URF.

Do you hate his blind? That’s good, because it’s spammable in URF, and he can nearly take down opponents with that one ability.

Can’t stand seeing him waddle faster from his W? Prepare yourself, because he will be sprinting around Summoner’s Rift in URF as if it was an Olympic race.

Have you ever lost your mind when going over one single mushroom? That’s too bad, because the map will be absolutely littered with those pieces of garbage in this game mode.

Alright, that’s enough rage for you to get the point. Teemo flat out sucks and is a headache to go against.


Whenever URF was first being created, it wouldn’t be surprising to find out that Zed was the champion everyone had in mind whenever they imagined how awesome URF could be.

Zed is already one of the most fun and powerful champions in the game, and that is only greatly elevated under these circumstances. His damage and mobility are at the very top among URF champions.

There are a lot of annoying things to play against in URF, but a Zed spamming Q and W in lane takes the cake. Oh, and good luck hitting him with you skill shots, because he will probably just dance around everything you throw at him.

The one thing that balances Zed out in normal play is that he is fairly difficult to play, but that doesn’t carry over into URF. URF Zed turns into smashing buttons in a fighting game and still winning. There is barley anything to it.

If you are lucky enough to get Zed on your team in ARURF, your team will probably win the game.

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