ARURF: 20 best URF champions to get in All Random URF

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Ahri is a unique mage assassin because she is incredibly mobile. And guess what? She is a gazillion times more mobile and powerful in URF.

Dodging one of her charms every now and again in a normal game is a very doable task, but it’s impossible to play perfect against her E whenever she can spam it. Eventually, she is going to catch you, and when she does, you’re probably dead.

You better bring a lot of power to the table whenever you think to fight her, because she might take you down right as you realize it was a mistake ever fighting her.


Making everyone overpowered is one of the great things about URF, but the best thing about it is seeing champions go outside their normal style of play.

When you think of Alistar, you think of a tank support that can really only initiate fights. But this is URF, and people aren’t playing URF to be a support.

In URF, Alistar is known for going full AP and completely demolishing people in the process. His combo is good for initiating fights in normal games on the Rift, but it doesn’t do that in URF. Alistar’s combo isn’t good at initiating fights in URF because it one-shots you before a real fight ever happens. Seriously, Alistar is an assassin in this game mode.

On top of the incredible damage URF Alistar does, his ultimate is constantly up which allows him to tank tons of damage. It isn’t fair at all. But that’s URF, and URF wasn’t created to be fair.