ARURF: 20 best URF champions to get in All Random URF

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Again, this is all subjective, but Evelynn might be the most actually busted champion in all of URF.

The reasoning being is simple: Evelynn has the ability to blow you up in literally a second, and there’s almost no way of escaping it.

Evelynn has a constant speed boost in URF that allows her to constantly chase people down, and your only hope at survival once she gets to you is either killing her first or chaining her with CC — both of which are pretty unreliable.

She isn’t normally an assassin, but her kit and itemization synergizes so well with URF that she gains a massive burst that is simple to pull off and can be done at all times.

You’ll be fine against her if she doesn’t get fed, but the game is basically over if she gets any kind of decent lead. Gold just does more for her than most champions in URF.


We’ been talking about spamming abilities, and now it’s time for the king of spamming — Ezreal.

Ezreal is already known for blowing abilities faster than most champions, and things get kind of crazy in URF.

Don’t make the mistake of playing Ezreal as an ADC, because full AP is the way to go in this game mode. You will be spamming abilities so often that auto attacks will rarely ever be your priority. His Q an W is one thing, but his ultimate is constantly up, and if you go full AP, it does LOADS of damage.

It would also be wrong to not mention Ezreal’s insane mobility in URF. His E normally has a crazy long cooldown, but that’s not the case here. Instead, Ezreal will always have his E up which will allow him to get out of many sticky situations.

Ezreal is probably the most fun champion to play in URF.