ARURF: 20 best URF champions to get in All Random URF

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It wouldn’t be surprising to see that people thought Fizz’s E was the most annoying ability in the game. Playful/Trickster is the dream ability for an assassin: it allows them to do many things — but most importantly — escape danger.

While the ability is annoying, it does give you a large window to play around with its long cooldown, but that’s not how URF rolls.

In URF, Fizz has the ability to constantly dodge death with his E, and that lone ability makes him one of the strongest URF champions in the game.

If you are able to CC Fizz and actually attack him, you better take full advantage of the opportunity and take him down for good before he gets you first.


Galio normally isn’t that good of a champion, but that’s what makes URF so much fun.

One of the unique things about URF is that it usually turns into a huge AP battle between both teams, and that’s the kind of environment Galio thrives in. He is able to build a lot of resistance while still packing loads of damage. It’s the best of both worlds.

Galio is almost never thought of as a real threat to annoy people in lane and do actual damage, but his spammable E changes that in URF. It’s an incredibly annoying ability that he will constantly push out for a good amount of damage.

Players might laugh at the first sight of a Galio in URF, but they will most likely leave that game with a lot of respect for the champion’s abilities.