ARURF: 20 best URF champions to get in All Random URF

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You can’t talk about URF without mentioning Helicopter Hecarim.

His Q already has such a low cooldown in regular games, and the horse is able to constantly have it up in URF — making it look like he’s cosplaying a helicopter. The novelty of it is amusing, but the damage is also very real. Hecarim isn’t the best champion to get for the early-game laning phase, but once the chaos begins, he turns into a monster. If he gets to you, it’s going to be very difficult to not die to all his Qs.

Wait, if he gets to you? Forget about that. If Hecarim wants you, he’s going to get to you. Devastating charge is one of the strongest abilities in the game right now, and it becomes absurdly overpowered in URF. Hecarim has the ability to sprint around the Rift the entire time. It’s overwhelming for people going up against it.


Jax is one of the best URF champions because he is so versatile.

Want to play a more traditional damage and attack speed build? You’re gonna be good. Want to be more of a tank hybrid? You’re gonna be good. Want to go outside the box and build full AP? You’re gonna be good.

AP Jax would normally sound very troll, but it’s actually a thing of beauty in URF. The trick is to play around his Q and W as they both scale off of AP. It will look funny, but once you get a few items, you will act like a bomb whenever you jump onto anyone — they are going to die.

Not only is Jax offensively powerful in URF, but he’s also strong defensively thanks to Counter Strike. Never think Jax is dead just because his health bar is low, because if played right, he can block nearly everything being thrown at him. It’s very frustrating and humiliating to lose because of Jax’s E.