ARURF: 20 best URF champions to get in All Random URF

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To put it simply, Malphite is brutal in URF.

While he is normally seen as a tank who only initiates fights, URF turns Malphite into an AP assassin. It doesn’t sound too good on paper, but it’s absolutely broken.

Malphite has powerful poke with his Q, and it’s so oppressive because it isn’t a skill shot. As long as he is in rage, Malphite can easily knock you down for a lot of damage.

The Q is rough to play against, but it pales in comparison to what he can do with his ultimate. It’s base damage is already good, and it also does +100 percent ability power. So when Malphite goes full AP, he basically one-shots you with only his ultimate. Similar to his Q, it’s also so brutal because it’s nearly impossible to miss — and he can come out of nowhere and kill you.

Malphite becomes a hunter in URF, and you better tread lightly whenever you walk by a brush. If he’s in one, he has the ability to jump and kill you in a second.

Master Yi

Master Yi isn’t too hot in the early-game of URF, but that changes once he hits six.

Highlander has such a low cooldown that Master Yi can essentially do it whenever he wants. That means that he is basically never going to lose a duel. The cooldown is so low that there will be times that the ability is off cooldown even though it is still going (thanks to the recent changes that made it go longer with kills and assists).

Once Master Yi gets into these fights, his Q and W will make you want to lose your mind. Sure, Master Yi is a squishy target, but he’s very hard to actual take down. His Q allows him to dodge so much, and his W allows him to negate a lot of damage. If played right, Master Yi can win absolutely any fight in URF.