Twitter reactions to SKT’s thrilling win over ROX Tigers

SKT vs. ROX at MSGCourtesy of Riot Games
SKT vs. ROX at MSGCourtesy of Riot Games /

Relive the Twitter history of SKT’s dramatic, five-map win over ROX Tigers.

What. A. Match. In what many, including this blog, called the most highly anticipated match of Worlds, SKT Telecom T1 took down ROX Tigers in a dramatic five-game series. It was one of, if not the, most grueling, exciting, well-played matches in the history of Worlds. Twitter was not silent during the proceedings. How crazy did it get? ROX support Kang “GorillA” Beom-hyeong played support Miss Fortune in two games — both ROX victories! Let’s dive in for a curated view at our Twitter feed during and after the match.

Game 1: Duke’s split push and Faker’s Orianna are too much for ROX to overcome

Game 1 was probably the tamest affair. ROX got a lead but SKT’s solo laners Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and Lee “Duke” Ho-Seong pushed in their lanes and never relinquished that pressure.

It’s crazy how SKT can just hang around and have that one objective fight that turns everything. But Game 1 was tame compared to what GorillA would unleash in Game 2:

Games 2 and 3: Miss Fortune Support

To our knowledge, GorillA has never played MF support in solo queue. There’s no inkling of him playing this anywhere. But he paired it with Kim “Pray” Jong-in’s Ashe to devastating effect. MF’s E with slow into Ashe Arrow into Bullet Time. Rinse. Repeat. They dumpstered the SKT bot lane and roamed for picks all over the map. SKT never found an answer.

The shock quickly turned into awe.

SKT never found an answer for that bot lane combo and ROX was styling.

Bengi comes in. Bengi plays Nidalee. Chaos ensues.

A lot of buzz was created this spring when SKT benched stalwart, veteran jungler Bae “Bengi” Seong-ung for Kang “Blank” Sung-gu. The reason was Blank’s superior champion pool and mechanics. One of those champions that Blank had and Bengi never, ever played? Nidalee.

So SKT brought Bengi in to save their season. And needing to ban MF, they inadvertently left Nidalee up.

We find out after the match that the Nidalee pick was a mistake. KkOma screwed up by leaving Nidalee un-banned. That’s right. Bengi dominated on a champion he wasn’t even supposed to play:

Still, Nidalle aside, SKT’s Game 4 draft was almost universally derided. Including by us. They had no damage aside from Bae “Bang” Jun-sik’s Jhin. And though MF was banned, Pray was winning that matchup.

It all rided on Bengi. The only two-time World Champ other than Faker. And the man delivered. Faker, like he did in every game in the series, got mid control. And Bengi took it from there:

KkOma’s reaciton to Bengi saving his (and SKT’s) bacon:

It all came down to Game 5

ROX again took a lead. SKT again weathered it. A teamfight at Baron turned the tide and ROX still didn’t have an answer to Faker’s Orianna or SKT’s teamfight prowess. After showing his proficiency on Nidalee, Bengi took away Han “Peanut” Wang-ho’s Lee Sin and had another dominant game.

The game was pretty even but that SKT late-game…

One, two, three people — it doesn’t matter. 2-1 deficit against match point? Doesn’t matter either. Faker and SKT just wouldn’t go down.

SKT win it again

The outpouring of support for ROX, one of LoL Esports most beloved, joyful, well-liked teams

But in the end, hail to the victors

Thank goodness for social media being a thing during one of the greatest series League of Legends will ever see.

Let’s hope the finals can be even half as good as SKT vs. ROX.

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