SKT discuss Worlds and what Championship skins they’d like

SKT Season 5 Championship skins, courtesy of Riot Games
SKT Season 5 Championship skins, courtesy of Riot Games /

After SKT’s emotional, 5-map win over SSG In the Worlds Finals, they sat down with the Korean press and discussed their thoughts on winning

After a grueling, 6 hour Finals match, SKT probably wanted to go and celebrate with close family and friends. But the life of a professional athlete dictates differently. Their media obligations came first and in their discussion with the Korean press, they revealed some thoughts on the tournament and what championships Skins they’d like to see as victors.

A finals for the ages

Faker has already called the series against Samsung the hardest of his life due to the mistakes he and the team made. He elaborated on his feelings after the victory:

"I entered worlds with a heavy heart, but I think I’m happier that I performed well as opposed to because I won. I’ve never been dizzy in a game before, so I think that shows how tough it was for us, and that makes me feel even happier. I thought since groups that it would be hard for me to win MVP, but I think I stepped up since the quarters."

Coach Choi Byung-hoon also spoke of how special this moment was:

"We’ve been to the finals three times now. Getting here is always difficult and I’ve always thought (each) time might be the last. I want to thank the players and coaching staff for always breaking my expectations. I think a lot of fans just think that we win because we’re good, but I hope the fans acknowledge the hard work that goes behind each worlds."

Championship skins

Ah, Championship skins. Riot has produced some sick sins for the Worlds winners, though not without some controversy. It was super fun seeing other teams play with the SKT skins at this year’s Worlds, particular jungler Seongung “Bengi” Bae’s Elise, which threw out an SKT logo whenever she rapelled.

Let’s look at their thoughts for Season 6:

Give Faker his Ahri already!

Ahri splash art, courtesy of Riot Games
Ahri splash art, courtesy of Riot Games /

After winning the tournament in 2013, star mid laner Lee “Faker” Sanghyeok was disappointed not to get a skin for Ahri, one of his most deadly assassins. Ahri has fallen out of the meta lately, though, making and she was scarce in Seasons 5 and 6. Last year, he got Ryze for his incredible performances on that Champion at Worlds. But this year, he’d like to revisit that Ahri again:

"I didn’t think a lot, but I did say that an Ahri skin would be good in 2013, and I still think that but I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get to play her."

Ahri would certainly be a fun skin, and one Redditor made a good suggestion to give SKT Ahri three chromas, one for each World Title. The other option is SKT Orianna – she has also been very good to Faker over the years, and his Orianna really stole the show in the last two matches of this year’s tournament.

But come on. The man has one 3 titles. Give him what he wants!

Bengi’s running out of champions to for skins

Bengi is running out of champions to put skins on. SKT actually benched him for a shallow pool, but that didn’t stop him from saving SKT’s season. I don’t know if his response is a bit tongue-in-cheek about his pool:

"I played four champions, but two of them already have skins, so I’d like to have a Nidalee or Olaf skin."

I think SKT Olaf could be a ton of fun.

Wolf and Bang go for poke

Junsik “Bang” Bae’s Ezreal is one of his best champions, and although he favored Jhin in the finals, just give him what he wants!

"I didn’t think about it, but if I had to choose one, I want to have Ezreal get one, a champion that I love, but didn’t necessarily be successful in this worlds."

I wondered if Jaewan “Wolf” Lee would go Nami, but looks like he favors another ranged support:

"I would like a Karma skin. I’m really happy with Alistar, so I hope the karma skin is of equal quality."

The rookies and their pocket picks:

Hoseong “Duke” Lee has apparently been focused on his play and not the skin he’d like:

"I didn’t think much about it, but I think Gnar would fit my image well."

And finally, Sungu “Blank” Kang’s Zac fell flat against Samsung, but that won’t stop him for picking that skin:

"I’m still thinking about it, but I’m thinking of Zac as a possibility."

Some last thoughts from kkOma:

"The goal is to always win and set records. We got back-to-back wins this year, but I don’t think it was too greedy of us. We want to aim to get three back-to-back win. With mounting standards, we still continue to win because we want it more and practice more than any other players. I hope the fans will notice that side of the team in future."

The man is a machine.