Are EU LCS teams in shambles during Summer Split?

Thursday and Friday have been chaotic in the League of Legends EU LCS. Three of the top teams have lost in matchups most fans expected to be free wins!

Going into this League of Legends EU LCS weekend, being a Fnatic, G2 Esports, or Unicorns of Love fan looked pretty good. They were up against some decent teams but none they shouldn’t have been able to beat.

On Thursday, when Fnatic went up against Roccat, who were 0-2, nobody expected Fnatic to walk away with the L. After a strong win in Game 1, Fnatic couldn’t seem to find a way to close out Game 2 with a 10k gold lead, which is baffling considering Rekkles had his Kennen pick.

G2 Esports lost to Fnatic last week. Then on Friday, G2 lost playing into Misfits. Misfits were always a strong team, but G2 were certainly a favorite coming in. While G2 haven’t been in best form since MSI, the fans still expect them to do better than this.

Following that, Unicorns of Love handily beat Splyce in Game 1 then lost the next two games. With Unicorns of Love’s ability to team fight effectively, most people expected Game 2 to end the same way. Unbelievably, they definitively lost to Spylce in back to back games.

Looking at this, it’s easy to say that the EULCS is a mess. The casters don’t think so:

I agree with Quickshot. The first week of the NA LCS had similar upsets but it has made for a much more exciting split. Instead of tuning in to see G2 Esports stomp everyone, we can tune in and wonder if Unicorns of Love will actually beat Splyce. Maybe Roccat can make their comeback next few games? Maybe G2 Esports will end up the kings of Europe again, but maybe not.

No. The EU LCS is not in shambles. It is still early in the Summer Split. It is too early to start yelling at the teams for doing poorly. Watch. Enjoy. Competition keeps things interesting. It stops the LCS from becoming like Worlds, where everyone just waits to see SKT1 win.

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