Breaking down patch update 7.20 in League of Legends

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Emotes will be introduced in patch update 7.20 with everyone getting the free “Thumbs Up!” emote added to their Collection. These will be a very fun way to show some unique personality and style every time you’re in a match.

A new Emote wheel will be added to your Collection which will allow you to equip up to five at a time. Two extra slots will be used that will automatically flash at the beginning of a match and at the end of one if you’re on the winning team.

"LET ‘EM KNOW :: Use the emote wheel in game (bound to T by default) YOU ARE NOW ON MY IGNORE LIST :: “Mute Enemy Emotes” option added to the menu. You can also mute individual player’s emotes in game using the scoreboard. MASTERY MUTING :: Champion Mastery emoting is becoming part of the emotes system, so muting emotes will also mute mastery emotes. Mastery emotes will also follow the spamming/breaking rules of emotes. YOU’VE EARNED IT :: Everyone gets the Thumbs Up emote! GET ALL THE FEELS :: Expand your collection by purchasing emotes from the store’s Emotes tab. There will be 25 emotes available at launch, but we’ll be continually adding more."

It will be a lot of fun to collect all the Emotes, especially those by Summoners who main champions that will be featured. One can only imagine the rage people will have if they’re killed by Teemo and he’s spamming an Emote of his little (yet adorable) face.