Breaking down patch update 7.20 in League of Legends

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Sterak’s Gage

The popular tanking item Sterak’s Gage has been buffed nicely in patch update 7.20. Developers have increased its base percent attack damage, the health you gain from equipping it, and Lifeline will now add Tenacity instead of more base attack damage. Plus to make things even better, the build path will now be even cheaper.

"BUILD PATH :: Jaurim’s Fist + Long Sword + 1050 gold >>> Jaurim’s Fist + Pickaxe + Ruby Crystal + 725 gold TOTAL COST :: 2600 gold >>> 3200 gold HEALTH :: 400 >>> 450 [REM] I’M ALWAYS ANGRY :: No longer gives additional % base attack damage for 8 seconds when Lifeline triggers BASE ATTACK DAMAGE INCREASE :: 30% >>> 50% [NEW] UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL :: Can only be purchased by melee champions. Form-swapping champions only benefit from the base attack bonus buff while in melee form. Shield persists through form-swapping from melee to ranged. [NEW] WAIT FOR IT :: Shield waits 0.75 seconds before it begins decaying [NEW] I’M THE JUGGERNAUT :: Now gives 30% tenacity for 8 seconds when Lifeline triggers"

Jaurim’s Fist

Jaurim’s Fist sees a buff to the health a Summoner gets when equipping it.

"HEALTH :: 150 >>> 200 MAX STACKS :: 30 >>> 20 (still 5 health per stack)"

Ancient Coin Line

The popular support item Ancient Coin Line gets a nerf to the mana received when picking up blue coins in the bottom lane. This will ensure that even the best support champions that have a lot of mana still need to collect their blue coins if they want to be effective in their role.

"BLUE COIN REWARD :: 10% missing mana (min. 15) >>> 6% missing mana (min. 10)"

Spellthief’s Edge

The popular Spellthief’s Edge will now hurt just a bit more as support champions will undoubtedly enjoy the +5 ability power to the item itself.

"ABILITY POWER :: 5 >>> 10"