Breaking down patch update 7.20 in League of Legends

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End of Game Screen, Champ Select, Item Set Sharing

End of Game Screen

Once a match has ended, Summoners will be able to see if anyone is still voting for who gets their Honor vote. No more waiting and wondering for Honor votes that simply didn’t go your way.

"WAS IT GG OR GG <3 :: On the right side of the end-of-game screen, you can now see if any teammates are still voting for honor"

Champ Select

A quality of life change has come to simultaneous draft picks!

"SIMULTANEOUS DRAFT PICK :: Two players on the same team can pick at the same time if they’d normally pick consecutively"

Item Set Sharing

"Have any friends that are dying to know your secret item set towards major success? Now, you can import and export item sets to friends, family, and even Kayn so he doesn’t get confused on which is best for whichever personality he’s feeling that day. Exporting THIS OR THAT :: Clicking the export button lets you choose between “Copy to clipboard” and “Export to file” MASS PRODUCTION :: Mass-export item sets via the Items tab by ticking the checkbox next to as many item sets as you’d like. “Copy to clipboard” copies data for all selected item sets, and “Export to file” creates a single file containing all selected item sets. COMING IN HOT :: Individual item sets can also be exported via the item set editor screen WHO PUTS ZHONYA’S ON 4?! :: Preferred item slot assignments aren’t saved when exporting item sets Importing THAT OR THIS :: Clicking the import button on the Items tab lets you choose between “Paste copied set” and “Select a file” EAT PASTE :: “Paste copied set” opens a small text box next to the Import button. Item sets import automatically as soon as you paste in your data. NOT MALWARE :: Clicking “Select a file” opens your computer’s file browser. Don’t get spooked!"