Top 10 META champions that consistently win in League

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The META in League of Legends tends to change every few months or so but at this point in time, these top 10 champions consistently win matches.

When it comes down to winning games in League of Legends, there’s a lot going on right from the start. Anyone new to the game might take a look at a roster of 138 champions and immediately feel lost to a sea of information that might take more than 30 seconds to choose from. Luckily for us, the META champions can help us weed out others that may not bring in a level of certified dominance to the game.

But first off, we’ll need to determine what makes a champion a META pick. A lot of pro players could instantly rattle off champions for every role that fit the description, but for non-pro players, it might not come as easily. The META in League of Legends refers to a number of things. While this is in no way an official standard by any means, professional players have designated certain roles and champions for certain areas of the map, and from that point, their style of play has permeated into all levels as it tends to work out the best.

When breaking down the roles of which champions can fit neatly into these positions, players look for a certain element in each lane and in the jungle. Teams will want a Marksman that has high mobility and can bring high amounts of damage as quickly as possible. They’ll want tanky initiators who can lock down their enemies, multiple of them if possible. Add into that a support champion who can peel for your damage dealers and you’re 100 percent on the right track for a META team.

Now that you’ve been briefed on the META, let’s dive into which ten champions are my choices you’ll see winning most of the games in the Summoner’s Rift.