Top 10 META champions that consistently win in League

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9. Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia

Another extremely mobile champion on the rift, Jarvan IV has secured himself a spot into the META. His kit is flexible enough that when you see him picked on the enemy team you may not know whether he’s top, jungle, or even in the mid lane. What gives Jarvan IV this adaptability is his passive which deals additional damage on the first auto attack, whether it be monsters, minions, or champions, with a cooldown on each individual target instead of the passive itself.

With his attack speed steroid for himself and his allies, he’s phenomenal in terms of applying pressure on the map as a quick jungler that can take turrets earlier than most champions. Add into account that he can travel path differently with his flag and drag combo and force flashes with just the threat of his ultimate, he does tend to bring a “Cataclysmic” end to his opponents.