Yasuo is top free champion to play in Oct. Week 3

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Heading into the third week of October, Yasuo, the Unforgiven, is the top character to play in this week’s free champion rotation in League of Legends.

When it comes to Yasuo, the Unforgiven, it truly is a tale of Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde. If you’re facing him, it’ll either be by a skilled Summoner that will wreak havoc on you and your team or someone who will constantly die because they have no idea how to properly play him in League of Legends.

Either way, for the most part, if you’re able to play as Yasuo after picks/bans, he truly is a force to reckon with as long as you master his kit and understand how to use him for maximum efficiency. Heading into the third week of October, Yasuo is free to play in the champion rotation.

Primarily a top and mid laning champion, Yasuo’s kit can truly unleash major damage if properly geared and leveled. It’s important to know before you start playing against real competition, make sure to practice as him either against the A.I. or in unranked matches.

When it comes to the best items for Yasuo, make sure to focus on Attack Speed, Attack Damage, and Critical Strike Chance. It’s all about dishing out a plethora of damage as quickly as possible.

As per Champion.gg, the best runes to equip for Yasuo are Greater Mark of Attack Speed (9), Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (9), Greater Seal of Armor (9), and Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed (3).

When it comes to champions to ban, Akali, Singed, and Talon counter Yasuo hard in the top lane. For the mid lane, let your teammates know to consider banning champions like Kennen, Azir, and Gangplank since it won’t be a fun day at the office if you’re going up against them.

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Overall, if you’re lucky enough to select and play as Yasuo in a match, enjoy everything he brings to the table since there is nothing more terrifying in the Summoner’s Rift than a fed Yasuo.