Top 5 champions to use in the jungle

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4. Wait, is that Ezreal with Smite?

Contrary to popular belief, not all junglers need to be high toughness melee champions. While the number of ranged junglers is rather small, Ezreal fits into this niche quite well.

Ezreal has been climbing through the ranks as a jungler only recently. His ability to frontload damage with his Mystic Shot makes him a deadly addition to the jungle role.

He is not without his drawbacks, however. Ezreal has no innate tankiness, so it’s not recommended that he be played at lower Elo unless you’ve already mastered both Ezreal and jungling.

While learning jungle with Ezreal takes a lot of patience and perseverance, the payoff in the form early game pressure is unrivaled. Many of his ganks in the first few minutes of play can result in snowballing a lane and easily securing objectives.