Ezreal is top free champion to play in Oct. Week 3

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Heading into the third week of October, Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer, is the top free champion to play in League of Legends.

The third week of October is finally here and brings in a new free champion rotation in League of Legends. Every week, a plethora of champions are free to use in the game and well, Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer, is easily the top one to consider playing thanks to everything he brings to the table.

Besides being a quality ADC in the bottom lane, believe it or not, many professional gamers in the Esports scene have been using him in the jungle to great success. It’s not easy but it goes to show that any skilled Summoner can take an out of role champion and with the right gear, end up making them successful in the META.

While it’s not recommended to take Ezreal into the jungle if you’ve never played him before, he still is a very fun champion to play. His kit makes him a bursty kind of champion that can dish out a lot of damage and have good utility to escape with his E – Arcane Shift.

Keep in mind if you’re going to use Ezreal for the first time, it’s best to use him in the ADC role to see if he’s worth adding to your Collection. As an ADC, focus on building items that have an emphasis on Attack Damage, Attack Speed, and Cooldown Reduction.

For runes, as per Champion.gg, make sure to equip Greater Mark of Attack Damage (9), Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (9), Greater Seal of Armor (9), and Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed (3).

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The name of the game is making Ezreal deal damage quickly and constantly use his game-changing ultimate, R – Trueshot Barrage, as often as possible since it travels across the map. If you see a group of enemy champions trying to flee after a team fight, it’s a perfect finishing move as you’d be surprised if it’s angled correctly, could get you a surreal kill or assist. Remember, take your time with Ezreal and be patient since once the right opportunity comes, he can truly be a force to reckon with.