Observations from the NA LCS scounting grounds finals

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Game 3: An NA fiesta

The third and final game of the series was…well sloppy is putting it kindly. A more accurate – if somewhat meme-y – description would be that it was a “clown fiesta.” Team Mountain got a heavy advantage through their bot lane early after two four-man ganks, but nearly didn’t secure the first tower due to misplays through the top lane.

For a while, it looked like MistyStumpey – now on Jayce – might have a repeat performance of game one. But as he opened up a forty CS lead, he and jungler Srkenji tried an ill-advised dive onto FakeGod that eventually turned into both of them dying.

At the twenty minute mark, Strompest was caught out after over-pushing and then poorly disengaging as Lissandra. With a wave crashing onto the top lane inhibitor turret and Infernal’s top laner MistyStumpey pushing in a side-wave, Team Mountain was able to take the inhibitor. But MistyStumpey didn’t recall to help his team and repel the siege, he kept pushing in.

This gave Team Mountain the chance to potentially end the game on that very push. Instead, they flubbed a four vs. three fight in Team Infernal’s base, losing two members. At the same time, MistyStumpey was able to take an inhibitor on his own and attempted to backdoor the nexus. Unfortunately for him, FakeGod and Prismal were able to back and stop his push.

The final few fights all played out very similarly, with one individual misplaying or getting caught out, causing his team to cede the nearest objective. This was the case in the final objective of the game as MistyStumpey was caught out in the mid lane, giving Team Mountain the Baron and ultimately the game.

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Who do you think will get an offer to join an NA LCS organization for this coming year? Will they be relegated to a sub position or academy doing, or have we seen the next Blaber who will be showcased on the LCS stage in 2019?