League of Legends Season 9 Ranked Changes: A Breakdown

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Visual Changes/Updates

And lastly, along with all these ranked changes comes a huge system rework on the visual side of things. Firstly, all of the ranked emblems have been redesigned to look more chic and armor-like Their colors have also been slightly revamped, with Master now sporting a purple look and the new Grand Master looking red and fiery.

With the armor look comes the “ranked armor” rewards system, where after each individual split in the season, points earned by players will amount to an “extension” to their ranked emblem. Each emblem will be visually upgraded and these emblems will be all over your league client, from your profile picture border to your ranked banners.

There will also no longer be ranked borders representing your previous season’s rank. Instead, borders will now display a player’s current rank – meaning everyone unlocks a border when the season starts (or after their provisional games of course) to enforce accuracy.

Riot implemented these changes to make sure players are more understanding of their teammate’s current skill level. Players will no longer be inaccurately judging their teammates with their last season’s rank.

Here’s a preview of the new ranked borders and emblem designs from Riot!

For a more detailed explanation from Riot themselves, check out their page here!

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Will the two new tiers affect your ranked journey? And what about no longer having ranked borders as end-of-season rewards? Tell us what you think of all these changes to the ranked system in the comment section below!