Tyler1 Championship Series Finals – Recap and Analysis

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Alistar. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Game 3 – Team Polar Ace vs. Team E Turner

The third game of the best-of-five series saw more active objective play from PA who switched up the Camille pick with a flex swap in champion select so that Aetheres could get the counter on TF Blade’s Fiora pick with Kennen.

Kennen’s superior ranged abilities were able to bully Fiora from start to finish and jungle help from TT’s jungler Metaphor did little to combat the electric yordle from slowly chipping away at towers and health bars. A few decisive Slicing Maelstroms also allowed for quick teamfight wins.

Not only were PA targeting TF Blade with bans, but they also were very keen at camping his lane throughout this tournament. Metaphor tried to come to the aide of his teammate in this game by providing counter-gank pressure top, but it seemed Nunu & Willump’s inferior fighting abilities fell short when met with the duo of Camille and Kennen.

Perhaps also something worth mentioning is Juilen straying from the Lissandra pick which was seen in both the of the first two games. His Syndra play was much smoother and more impactful this game and contributed to another victory going in PA’s favor with them closing out the game quite decisively at the 32-minute mark, netting every single Dragon Buff throughout the course of the game.

Game 4 – Team Polar Ace vs. Team E Turner

TT had a much better start this game with an early game ganking champion in Xin Zhao which Polar Ace had opted to ban out from Metaphor in their previous match-ups.

His quick jungle clearing led to an early kill top lane on an overextended Dr. Mundo and after a recall back to base and a trip bot lane, another kill was gathered off an overzealous Winter who fell victim after a botched Headbutt-Pulverize engage.

Prismal and duoking1 were winning their bot lane despite the Lucian pick being taken away from him and so things were looking up for the TT bot lane as they stared in the face of elimination if met with a loss in this game.

But, after what is seeming like a broken record in this matchup, objective play was once again dominated by PA, securing every dragon and grabbing a game-deciding Baron Nashor.

PA was able to win a teamfight around the inner mid lane tower after killing TF Blade near the raptor camp while he was unable to activate his ultimate to save himself, going down unexpectedly.

With Baron buffed minions, and moderately high death timers, PA pushed all the way down mid and ended the game at the 30 minute mark, all while remaining down in kills on the scoreboard

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And there you have it, Team Polar Ace is 2018’s Tyler1 Championship Series champions and will be taking home the $50,000 prize money, while defending champions TT lose their titles and walk away with nothing but a $25 RP card.

Tyler Steinkamp truly displayed unrivaled showmanship and the overwhelming success of the TCS showcases that entirely. It makes you wonder what content Mr. Steinkamp will bring for next years tournament and if Polar Ace will be able to defend their newly acquired position as TCS champions.

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