League of Legends – Patch 8.24(b) tier list compilation

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S Tier: Thresh

A Tier: Nami, Brand, Pyke, Zyra, Blitzcrank,  Bard, Soraka, Sona, Leona, Morgana, Janna, Alistar, Zilean, Lux, Vel’Koz, Taric

B Tier: Fiddlesticks, Rakan, Xerath, Braum

C Tier: Lulu, Karma, Nautilus, Neeko, Maokai, Tahm Kench, Gragas, Shen

D Tier: Veigar, Poppy, Malphite, Annie, Teemo

Most buffed champion: Rakan. Honorable mentions, Braum, Tahm.

Most nerfed champion: Veigar.

On the other hand, the support position is headed now by only the Chain Warden. After the considerable nerfs to his ultimate in Patch 8.24(b), Pyke has fallen out of the S tier. He is joined by other newcomers Vel’Koz and Taric, who improved from the B tier.

As to the Forbidden Idol line buffs, it’s quite clear that the improved healing and shielding power on Mikael’s Crucible, Redemption, and Ardent Censer have helped its primary users. All supports that were classified as “enchanters” improved their standing from the previous patch. The average tier of an enchanter support is now 0.367 (in the low A tier) and have improved by an average ranking of 0.236 from the past patch (meaning previously the average enchanter was in the mid-B tier).

In addition, many of the mage supports – such as Veigar, Zilean, Zyra, and Xerath – dropped in their rankings as a result. It would make sense that as enchanter supports become more powerful and mage supports become less dominant that scaling ADCs get more agency.