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Low Elo Stomper

Yasuo (Mid/Top/ADC)

Discussed ad nauseum above, but when a champion is S tier in its main roles (top and mid) and still manages to be A tier in a non-traditional role (AD Carry), it’s a good pick for players to master. It’s not even that Yasuo is a particularly strong pick in high elos, as he’s B tier in top and bot, and A tier in the mid lane. The fact that he hyper-scales and can bully lanes likely means that his success is not due to low elo Yasuos being 1v9 gods, but that their opponents have difficulty playing against him.

Toughest to Master

Camille (Top/Jungle)

Camille clearly has a steep learning curve; her win rate increases drastically when players have at least 50 games played on her ( Given that she is so strong in high elos (A tier in both top and jungle), those who can master her difficult kit will likely be able to climb quickly. However, if you are in gold or below you should practice her in normals a LOT before picking her in ranked.

Strongest Role


It’s ironic that, although support is on average slightly more effective, jungle went from being the least impactful role in high elo to one of the most in low elo. Likely, these two roles rise in prominence because of how snowbally the early game can be in low elo and how the lack of vision can give these two roles more opportunities to influence other lanes.

Weakest Role


Once again, a complete reversal between low and high elo, where ADC was the most influential role and now is the least. It would appear that early game has much more impact in the lower elos, or that the most mechanically-intensive role in the game suffers when piloted by less-skilled players.

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Which champions surprised you at how strong or weak they are in the low elos? Let us know in the comments!