League of Legends: Patch 9.1 tier list compilation

Jax. League of Legends.
Jax. League of Legends. /
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Galio. League of Legends.
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S tier: Galio, Kassadin, Cassiopeia

A tier: Aatrox, Ahri, Yasuo, Leblanc, Zed, Karthus, Xerath, Lux, Malzahar, Katarina, Irelia, Lissandra, Fizz, Vel’Koz, Talon, Zoe, Vladimir, Anivia, Ekko, Veigar

B tier: Orianna, Ziggs, Twisted Fate, Zilean, Diana, Akali, Viktor, Annie, Jayce

C tier: Corki, Swain, Brand, Ryze, Syndra, Taliyah, Azir, Neeko, Heimerdinger

D tier: Aurelion Sol, Mordekaiser, Kayle, Karma, Malphite

Most buffed champion: Corki. Honorable mentions, Aatrox, Galio, Jayce.

Most nerfed champion: Neeko. Honorable mention, Aurelion Sol.

In case you thought these tier lists were being copied and pasted patch-to-patch, here’s a big change to the mid lane rankings. Galio – last patch a mid-A tier champion – has jumped to the top of the pack in Patch 9.1. Those hefty buffs that came in Patch 8.24(b) to his Q appear to have made all the difference.

In response, we do see that the AD fighters, Aatrox, Jayce, and Yasuo all rise in prominence to counter him. Aatrox, in particular, is one of the best counter champions to play into Galio.

Another big shift is Neeko, the newest champion on the rift has dropped significantly in terms of effectiveness following her nerfs in Patch 8.24(b). Low impact champions in the mid lane like Kayle, Mordekaiser, and Malphite continue to struggle as well and are joined by Aurelion Sol, who has dropped from B tier last patch down to D tier. It might be time to give the Star Forger a look to see if he’s really gotten weaker or if this is just a temporary dip.

One final note is that as one AD skirmisher – Aatrox – rises in prominence in the mid lane, another AD assassin falls. That would be Pyke, who has now fallen completely off the tier list following the nerfs a few patches ago. It was just two patches ago that Pyke was a solid pick in the mid lane.