LEC 2019: LEC Week 2 is looking spicy!

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Game to watch – Day 2 – Game 5: Misfits Gaming vs Team Vitality

Closing Week 2 we have a real battle on our hands, the bloodthirsty underdogs of Team Vitality find themselves taking on the unstoppable juggernauts of Misfits Gaming! This is possibly the most exciting match of Week 2.

The bottom half of the map is where I’ll be focusing most during this match. Atilla and Jactroll will meet their match in GoHan, GorillA is one of the strongest laning supports in the entire world and he’s backing up the mechanical monster Hans Sama! The Vitality bot lane really have their work cut out for them.

Mowgli and Maxlore should be relatively evenly matched in the jungle. We’ll likely see the both of them path towards the bot side of the map looking to snowball each of their ADCs respectively. The only thing I’d like to go on the record to say is that; yes, despite Febiven having a great Week 1, I don’t see him holding a candle to the sheer aggression and energy of a young superstar like Jiizuke!

As long as Cabochard is able to keep sOAZ from making an impact on the map during the laning phase and Mowgli can get either Jiizuke or Atilla ahead I’d like to think they have this in hand. This is based purely on the fact that Febiven isn’t known to be a 1v9 hard carry mid laner, so Vitality has more points of the map that they can put their resources behind to force the game into their favour.

By virtue of believing that Misfits Gaming’s one-dimensional playstyle will be figured out and beaten by the end of Week 2. I give the win here to Team Vitality!