Origen vs. Team Vitality: LEC Match of the Week Preview

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Sejuani, League of Legends, LEC Match of the Week
Sejuani, League of Legends, LEC Match of the Week /

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.

Team Vitality

Although they began the season in an unconvincing fashion against Schalke 04, Team Vitality have bounced back by winning their next three games and now look like a possible top 2 contender. With Attila, Cabochard and Jiizuke all winning the ‘Player of the Game’ votes in the victories so far, it’s clear that Vitality has sought to maintain the essence of their triple-threat line-up from 2018.

However, unlike last year’s performances, YamatoCannon’s squad have so far slowed the pace down in the early game and instead look towards the mid-game for their compositions to come online. However, once Vitality reaches the 15-minute mark, it doesn’t take long for the team to snowball the game and move into a comfortable position before picking up the victory.

The team’s impressive form culminated in a clean and controlled performance over then-undefeated Misfits Gaming last Saturday. Fans watched on as Vitality showcased their adept team fighting skill and smart mid-to-late game shot calling to roll over one of the strongest teams in the LEC so far this season. The Vitality lads will be hoping for a repeat of this display on Friday evening in the “LEC Match of the Week” against an Origen team with a lot to prove.

One to Watch – Lee “Mowgli” Jae-ha

Whilst every member of Team Vitality has proved their worth during the opening weeks of the 2019 LEC Spring Split, their newest recruit has perhaps been overlooked by viewers and analysts alike.

Mowgli has been a rock for his squad over the last two weeks. Brought in because of his unmatched mechanical skill and inventive jungle pathing, the Korean jungler has proved crucial when it comes to setting up Vitality for success in the early game.

He may not be the most flashy or eye-catching that the LEC has to offer, but Vitality’s new jungle talent has consistently been on the front foot at the beginning of his European career, boasting a 7.6 KDA in the process. Through his intelligent gank choices and presence around the map, Mowgli will prove a handful for Origen’s Kold this weekend and will be hoping to come out on top of what will be a fascinating jungle match-up.

LEC Match of the Week Prediction: Team Vitality Win

As much as fans would enjoy the revival of Xpeke, Deficio, and Origen on Friday, the overwhelmingly expected result will be a Team Vitality win. Thus far, the new boys on the scene have done little to impress the LEC audience with their only win coming against a Fnatic team who find themselves 0-4 after two weeks.

If Vitality plays to their strengths and control the early game to enable a mid-game snowball, Origen will find it very hard to contend with. If Misfits and Splyce, two of the strongest teams in the league, were overrun by Vitality’s team fight prowess, then Origen will definitely find it tough to handle.

That being said, Origen are no slouches in the early game and have maintained their concentration pre-15 minutes so far this season. If they can extend this to the mid and late game, denying Vitality the opportunity to push for an advantage, they have an excellent chance of pulling out an unexpected victory.

Regardless, we’re in for a treat on Friday night as one of the historically biggest names in European League of Legends history takes on one of the more recent contenders for the title. While it may not be a top of the table clash that many would have hoped for, the “LEC Match of the Week” still promises to be an exciting contest.

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