Most valuable players from LCS Week 1

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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3. Xmithie – Team Liquid

The next three entrants on the list all have one thing in common, which is that their teams went 2-0 for the week and so ranking them was not easy. If anything all players in the top three are deserving of the top spot.

If you read the post about the top junglers coming into the LCS Spring Split, you will know that I hold Xmithie in high regard as a top jungler in North America.

He certainly didn’t disappoint this week and as per usual, he clearly out jungled his opponents on Cloud9 and CLG.

Objective control and early ganking pressure were all incredibly important in both of TL’s wins and while it is a little easier to do these playing on Lee Sin as Xmithie did in both games, it does not take away from the impact that he had.

Teams might have to start banning the champion and force him on to a uncomfortable pick in the future or else Xmithie will likely continue to earn his team victories in the upcoming weeks of LCS

2. JayJ – FlyQuest

Perhaps the most surprising pick on this list, the runner up spot belongs to support playing Juan “JayJ” Guibert on FlyQuest.

Another rookie to make the list, JayJ is playing in his first LCS split having moved up from the academy team and in to the support role.

Picking Ornn in both games, JayJ showed what comfort picks and preparation can do in games. For the longest time, Ornn was seen as a top laner and after being hit with nerfs, he has pretty well fallen out of the top lane meta.

However, if you can make a champion work, just because it isn’t meta, doesn’t mean it can’t be a good pick and I think we saw that with JayJ’s Ornn.

He was able to hit several teamfight deciding ultimates in both games and in a game where the support role is often overlooked and not given proper recognition, I don’t think anyone can argue that JayJ wasn’t responsible for FlyQuest’s impressive 2-0 start to the split.

1. Damonte – Clutch Gaming

Before the start of the LCS Spring Split, If I told you that Damonte from Clutch Gaming would make quick work of Bjergsen and the rest of TSM, most people would just laugh it off. Well who’s laughing now?

Defeating both TSM and Echo Fox, Damonte from Clutch Gaming commands the number 1 spot in our list.

Obtaining a perfect KDA in both games  (5-0-5 and 6-0-3), Damonte simply put, outperformed everyone this week and defied all expectations that were set of him coming into the Spring Split.

Playing Galio for the first game and Akali in the second, he also showed off what a versatile champion pool he has as well. It isn’t a simple task to switch from a teamfighting control mage to a backline dive heavy assassin in Akali. Doing this looked effortless to Damonte and it showed in his play.

Clutch Gaming are looking to be a top contender for the coming split and if Damonte keeps on playing this way, he could cement himself as an elite mid laner in North America.

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