Breaking down the best LEC bot lane duos after Week 3

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3. Patrik ‘Patrik’ Jírů/Alfonso ‘Mithy’ Aguirre Rodriguez

Remember how Patrik and Mithy were on the “worst bot lane of Week 2” list? What are they doing here one week later, you ask? Well, they went 1-1, though both games looked fairly good for the bot lane.

In their first game against the frontrunner squad of Vitality, Mithy picked up first blood after a beautiful gank from Kold. From there the game devolved into a series of desperate hack-and-slash skirmishes which OG continuously lost, until Patrik pulled out a triple kill, despite having his team down 12-4. The team then recalled to buy items and promptly lost Baron and the game.

The next day Patrik got another chance to carry from behind — this time against SK, and he proceeded to pick up eight kills on the Kalista. While Mithy is still having some trouble getting caught out, if he can escort Patrik through lane with minimal harm, the young ADC seems primed to carry his team whenever he gets the opportunity.

2. Elias ‘Upset’ Lipp/Lee ‘IgNar’ Dong-geun

IgNar redefined his support playstyle during Week 3 by picking Gragas in both their games. And the off-meta pick worked, as they went 2-0!

Not only that, but he helped facilitate early pressure for Upset throughout both games, picking his Ezreal an early kill in their game against Splyce, and an early assist for his Kai’sa against exceL. The Gragas proved an excellent weapon for both picks and disengage throughout both games, and though IgNar was occasionally caught out and killed, he had helped facilitate such an early lead for his team that the games were already all but won.

As for Upset, both of Schalke’s games showcased reserved, calculated play, eventually netting him three kills by the middle of each game. The current late-game poke ADC meta seems to favor his playstyle, along with IgNar’s impeccable barrels throughout the games. This Gragas may require a ban in future games.

1. Amadeu ‘Attila’ Carvalho/Jakub ‘Jactroll’ Skurzyński

The best bot lane duo in the LEC, Attila looked good last week and better this week. He started off Friday by utterly reaming Kobbe with his Exreal, starting off 3-0 and ending the game at a respectable 5/1/7.

Jactroll helped the team along after they went down an early 0-2 against SPY, showing a strong aptitude with his barrel placement and helping them secure both picks and team fights throughout the midgame.  He roamed mid at the integral moment to start a Leblanc snowball that would help roll the game.

And though their second game against exceL had some more back-and-forths, Atilla picked up an early kill and maneuvered his advantage into nearly 40 CS by 20 minutes. This pair looks as though they may be the best in the region, though their match against Hans Sama next week will certainly be one to watch.

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And that’s all, folks: your best LEC bot lanes after Week 3. Like it? Hate it? Whatever you’re feeling, go ahead and leave a comment. We’ll be headed topside for the fourth week of LEC play, so stay tuned for that!

The LEC returns Friday at noon EST.