LCS predictions Week 3, Day 1 – battles at the top of the tables

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TSM (2-2) vs. Cloud9 (2-2)

Statistically, this is the most even high-level matchup of the weekend, between the #2 ranked (TSM) and #3 ranked (C9) teams. Even though both teams are 2-2, the talent level of the players indicates both are better than their records.

TSM has played one of the easiest schedules of any team through two weeks, and both their losses came against teams they should have beaten – Clutch and FlyQuest. On the other hand, at least C9 managed to lose one of their games to a team that is undisputedly better than them in Liquid.

Prediction: Cloud9

Echo Fox (2-2) vs. CLG (2-2)

CLG has played the hardest schedule of any team so far this season, so it’s honestly amazing that they enter this matchup .500. Statistically, Echo Fox should be favored in this matchup, based on their dominant bottom lane of Hakhuo and Apollo – who is the second best bot due behind Liquid’s.

However, CLG has certainly impressed after their 2-0 weekend over FlyQuest and Cloud9, two teams who are statistically far better than them. They might not have any statistical stalwarts, but CLG is again showing that the power of friendship can overcome all (except Liquid, probably).

Prediction: CLG

Golden Guardians (0-4) vs. OpTic (2-2)

OpTic is still tinkering with their line-up, “subbing” in Dhokla for Allorim in the top lane last week. It’s unclear who will start this week (statistically Dhokla is the obvious choice) or whether they’ll sub in Meteos in the jungle, but it shouldn’t matter.

For they face Golden Guardians, the team with the worst bot lane and mid laner in the entire LCS. Perhaps they can take advantage of their only two positions of “strength” with Hauntzer in the top lane, but given Contractz will be overshadowed by Dardoch easily (or Meteos if he gets a look) this is a team that will continue to search for answers.

Prediction: OpTic

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The LCS returns Saturday at 5 PM EST.