Misfits Gaming vs. G2 Esports: LEC Match of the Week Preview

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G2 Esports

There’s not much to say about G2 Esports that hasn’t already been said. Just when you think this team can’t get any better, they take down their biggest rivals for 1st place, Team Vitality, in dominating fashion, then follow it up with the fastest win in European history against none other than reigning champions Fnatic.

Constantly looking to pad their stats by delaying the end of the game and diving the enemy’s fountain, G2 seem like they aren’t even trying in the LEC so far this split. At this point it’s not a question of “Will G2 finish 1st?”, but rather “Will G2 lose a game?”.

One to Watch – Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle

You could pinpoint any member of this G2 team as a win condition for the LEC Match of the Week, but Mikyx is someone that is often overlooked by fans despite playing an integral role in his teams 8-0 start to the split. That being said it’s completely understandable to forget about G2’s support when you’ve got Wunder split-pushing to the enemy’s Nexus, Jankos winning games with one key on his keyboard, Caps solo-killing every mid laner in the league and Perkz looking like he’s played ADC his entire life.

Nevertheless, it’s important to highlight that, despite only playing four competitive games in 2018, Mikyx has joined the biggest team in Europe and not looked out of place for a second. Not only that, he’s alongside a marksman that had never played in the bottom lane competitively until this season. Under normal circumstances, you’d suggest that these two combined would rank 10th in the LEC’s bottom lanes this season. Instead they’re making a claim for 1st.

It goes without saying that when you’re facing Misfits Gaming, you need to be prepared for a challenging clash in the bottom lane, and Mikyx has shown that both him and Perkz are up to the task, as they’ve produced 5 pure 2v2 kills already this season. Usually going up against Hans Sama and Gorilla, one of the strongest bottom lanes in the LEC, would be a daunting task, but something tells me that the G2 duo are excited to prove themselves as the standout LEC bot lane by taking down Misfits this weekend.

LEC Match of the Week Prediction: G2 Esports Win

Misfits Gaming win this game by putting Hans Sama on an aggressive, early game carry and taking full control of the bottom side of the map, while also somehow keeping both Wunder and Caps at bay in their solo lanes. Whilst this isn’t an impossible task, it’s very unlikely that G2 will let the likes of Draven and Lucian through the ban phase or let Maxlore pull the strings around the bot lane.

Individually, sOAZ and Febiven are very strong solo laners and have proven they’re capable of defeating some of their strongest counterparts in the 1v1 this season, however Wunder and Caps are in a tier of their own when it comes to top and mid lane talent in the LEC. On top of that, G2 Esports have shown that on the rare occasions that they fall behind in the early game, they can come back with ease by simply out-teamfighting their opposition.

There’s no doubt that Misfits Gaming will provide a challenge for G2 Esports in the LEC Match of the Week, but it’s hard to picture a Misfits victory. Fans and analysts alike will overwhelmingly vote for a #G2Win on Friday and its very likely that Mikyx and his team will be heading into the second round robin with an undefeated record.

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