Valentine’s Day Champion Couples Tier List

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Taric. League of Legends.
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A – Garen & Katarina

This couple is about as close to ‘Romeo & Juliet’ as you’ll get in Runeterra. Garen Crownguard is a member of a noble Demacian house and is expected to protect his homeland throughout his life, while Katarina Du Couteau is the headmistress of Noxus’ most respected family.

Currently in lore, there is no mention of the relationship between these two rivals, however the community has always been aware of their forbidden bond. Likewise, there are numerous in-game champion interactions that prove the two have a history together.

When met with Katarina on the Rift, Garen’s sister Lux taunts her with a song about the two’s romance. While Tahm Kench interacts with both the lovers, offering to deliver them to one another.

Overall, the nature of this relationship puts it firmly in A Tier when it comes to the Valentine’s Day champion couples tier list. Nonetheless, the lack of lore updates on the situation is worrying for Garen and Katarina shippers. Hopefully when the Universe is eventually completely updated, Garen and Katarina’s complicated relationship will remain an integral part of League’s lore.

S – Ezreal & Taric

You know it. I know it. We all know it. Ezreal and Taric are the true power couple in League of Legends. It’s never been written into lore or even hinted at, but the sheer sexual tension felt every time these two meet in the bottom lane is undeniable.

A love triangle may have formed between Zoe, Ezreal and Lux recently, however lore producers clearly forgot about the inclusion of Taric when it came to his in-game voice update. These two are inseparable and are deservedly placed in S Tier when it comes to champion couples, mostly due to their unparalleled sexual energy in the bottom lane – a true force to be reckoned with.

S+ – Xayah & Rakan

No Valentine’s Day champion couples tier list would be complete without the ‘Lovers Duo’ in the bottom lane, Xayah and Rakan. Due to the overhaul of League’s lore, this Vastayan twosome is the only relationship in League of Legends currently and therefore automatically places in S+ Tier.

While playing as either champion, the constant voice lines do not let you forget about their love for each other. Rakan is seemingly being unable to exist without mentioning Xayah every ten seconds, while she continually informs us that she will burn the world to the ground if her lover were to ever die. Their romance may be forced down our throats, but nobody can deny that they’re on top of the list when it comes to League of Legends couples.

Honourable Mention – Ezreal & Shyvana’s Leg

One of the oldest and most loved relationships in video game history, Ezreal and Shyvana’s leg is truly couple goals. While analysts are yet to determine how Shyvana would react if Ezreal kissed her leg, there is no doubt that the relationship between the two is the most complex and romantic in League of Legends.

When u/DoflamingoGT presented this question to Reddit in August 2016, the community was not ready to answer, but what we can be sure of is that the bond between Ezreal and Shyvana’s leg has blossomed since. It would be easy to place this extremely romantic duo in S+, but I think that would be unfair to the competition, and thus they will have to settle for an honourable mention in the Valentine’s Day champion couples tier list.

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