League of Legends LCS match of the week for Week 5: TSM vs. CLG

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Matchup to watch: Bjergsen vs. PowerofEvil

The mid lane is sure to be a turning point for this game, as TSM should have superiority in the top and jungle roles, while CLG will probably have the edge at the bot. Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg and Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage are two of the three top-rated mid laners in the LCS (along with Cloud9’s Nisqy), so this will surely have some fireworks.

In the past, PoE has gotten the better of Bjergsen a number of times, first getting recognized after dominating Bjerg in the 2014 IEM San Jose tournament with the upstart Unicorns of Love team. As of right now, PoE actually holds an 8-6 record advantage in games against Bjergsen, so the TSM mid laner would surely love to get some revenge.


This will be a game all about consistency and focus. Talent-wise, TSM is clearly the superior team, and have the much cleaner early game than CLG, who have the second-worst gold difference at 15 of any LCS team. However, TSM has faltered in closing out games, and have struggled mightily against worse teams they should beat.

CLG, on the other hand, has an exceptional macro play, which is why they’re the third-highest rated mid-to-late game team behind Liquid and C9. The question will be if TSM can get a big enough lead (mainly in the top-side of the map) and hold down CLG before they can get out-macroed.

Prediction: TSM wins

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Disagree with our prediction of TSM winning? Let us know who you think will win this LCS match of the week!