League of Legends: LEC 2019 – Mid-Spring jungler rankings

S04 Memento - Riot Games
S04 Memento - Riot Games /
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RGE Kikis - Riot Games
RGE Kikis – Riot Games /

9 – RGE Kikis

While Rogue has been sat dead last on the table since the LEC’s opening week, I couldn’t justify placing their jungler Kikis in last place, so I put him in the next best place (or worst depending on your point of view.)

Kikis has been playing pretty consistently even though his laners have been feeding ridiculously hard. This consistent performance is good and Kikis has been pretty impressive if you also take into consideration his creative jungle picks in their most recent games (Saturday’s Warrior/Electrocute Poppy & Pantheon into Maxlore’s Lee Sin.)