League of Legends: LEC 2019 – Mid-Spring jungler rankings

S04 Memento - Riot Games
S04 Memento - Riot Games /
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Fnatic Broxah - League of Legends
Fnatic Broxah – Riot Games /

8 – FNC Broxah

You’re reading this right. I put a world finalist in 8th place, and for good reason. Plainly put Broxah is not looking anywhere close to how he did at last year’s Worlds. He’s been given the same champions (his signature Lee Sin) with similar compositions around him and the man just cannot make it work. I know I’m being a little hard on him considering Nemesis doesn’t have the same extremely aggressive playstyle that his predecessor Caps did, so Broxah can’t play the same style he did last year. No excuses, Broxah is a world-class jungler and he’s still got another two world-class carries in his side lanes. I know he can do better.