League of Legends: LEC 2019 – Mid-Spring jungler rankings

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MSF Maxlore - League of Legends
MSF Maxlore – Riot Games /

7 – MSF Maxlore

Once considered one of the smartest junglers in the European region, the last year of Maxlore’s professional career have not been kind to this tea-sipping gentleman. Maxlore is without a doubt one of the strongest early game shot-callers in the region and has some fantastically innovative pathing through the jungle in order to gain gold leads & momentum to propel his team ahead – however, that is for Nubar “Maxlore” Sarafian both his blessing and his curse.

Numerous people have pointed out (myself included) that once the Misfits’ jungler gets his team sufficiently ahead and the team begins their early to mid game transitions, Maxlore’s brain seems to bluescreen and he has a habit of forcing some truly braindead plays and as former H2K coach Veteran has pointed out on several occasions, if you ban Shen or similar champions that can follow up on these poor plays from a long-range Maxlore tends to find himself coming unstuck and throwing the game for his team.