League of Legends: LEC 2019 – Mid-Spring jungler rankings

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Mowgli - Jungler for Team Vitality - League of Legends
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6 – VIT Mowgli

Just outside the top five, we find Kikis’ replacement in Team Vitality. This is one change in the preseason which originally perplexed me but as the weeks went on it began to make more sense. Mowgli has an extremely unique playstyle, unlike most other LEC junglers who rely mainly on ganking heavily or power farming his jungle, Mowgli likes to invade the enemies’ jungle and duel his opponent – preventing them to make an impact on the map. This is a good strategy in comps where Vitality find they have lane priority but is an absolute nightmare when Vitality are on the back foot. All in all, despite the inconsistency Mowgli is the right fit for Vitality and definitely belongs in the playoffs.