League of Legends: LEC 2019 – Mid-Spring jungler rankings

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G2 Jankos
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5 – G2 Jankos

The man who puts R in Karthus, in at number 5 we have G2’s Jankos. In previous splits Jankos was derided for his inconsistency – you had regular season Jankos and playoffs Jankos – the latter of which received a large buff to his brainpower and mechanics (he needed a nerf.)

This season thus far it seems like Jankos has put real effort into minimising his mistakes and cleaning up on his gameplay since I can’t really think of any games where he’s really been a liability for his team. Even during the Origen game that killed the G2 18-0 dream, Jankos’ Lee Sin play was still impressive and it was his bottom lane that started the snowball that Insec kicks alone couldn’t save. The reason I have Jankos down this far is the fact that other than his Karthus games we’ve not seen him make a big carry performance, so I’m not entirely convinced that he’s been the fundamental force propelling G2 ahead – the man usually ends up with 3 winning lanes so there’s not much to go off of.