League of Legends: LEC 2019 – Mid-Spring jungler rankings

S04 Memento - Riot Games
S04 Memento - Riot Games /
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SK Selfmade - Riot Games
SK Selfmade – Riot Games /

4 – SK Selfmade

One of the newcomers to the LEC and number 4 on our list – SK Gaming’s jungler Selfmade has been by far one of the best junglers this split. While he may sometimes find himself at the mercy of other junglers during the early game, once the game transitions towards the mid-game this is where Selfmade tends to come online.

The rookie jungler especially shines in those larger 5v5 team fights, often finding himself on picks like the Gragas and Sejuani, the (Selfmade)man has a spectacular eye for engages and is often the reason for the enemy’s carries being picked off by a pinpoint accurate Sejuani Ult (like his one on Rekkles.) For this reason alone I see Selfmade becoming an extremely valuable and highly contested player once his contract with SK comes to an end. Since his playstyle is very similar to that of TL’s Xmithie – we might see a move to NA and find Selfmade being #PaidBySteve.