League of Legends: LEC 2019 – Mid-Spring jungler rankings

S04 Memento - Riot Games
S04 Memento - Riot Games /
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Splyce Xerxe - League of Legends
Splyce Xerxe – Riot Games /

3 – SPY Xerxe

A man who found himself consistently overlooked split after split in years gone by, finally with Splyce in the top half of the LEC table, Xerxe is getting the recognition he deserves. The thing I value most about Xerxe is his confidence to bring out the weird and wonderful picks he’s had up his sleeve all these years. He was the original Karthus jungle player in Europe and in more recent years we’ve seen Skarner and Poppy pop up in his champion ocean.

This split so far, Xerxe has been a rock for his laners and with consistently solid performances he definitely deserves his place at number 3!