League of Legends: LEC 2019 – Mid-Spring jungler rankings

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2 – OG Kold

In at number 2 we find maybe the most improved player in the LEC, Kold’s opening weeks were rough to put it lightly. A few games of Xin Zhao, where Kold found himself consistently behind were enough to have me cast doubt on him and put him in my bottom 4 junglers of the LEC. But in recent weeks, you can really see the turnaround that Kold has taken – where before he wasn’t the only reason his team lost but he contributed to it – but now even when his laners are behind Kold knows exactly where to go and exactly what to prioritise in terms of objectives. Kold joked in an interview with Dariusz of the Shotcaller that they did the old classic of going “back to basics” and then the whole team started to improve. Kold’s massive U-turn from liability to decisive carry shows just what this man can do!