League of Legends: Who is the greatest NA squad of all time?

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#3 – Season 6 Spring CLG

MSI - League of Legends squad from all over the world come to compete in MSI
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Following C9’s decline and the rise of a new TSM, CLG seemed to be on a downward spiral. They performed poorly in the regional qualifiers during Season 5 Spring, and nearly lost in Relegations/Promotions, before rallying for a 3-2 comeback and returning to the LCS for Season 5 Summer.

With a revised roster, CLG went on to dominate NA for the next two splits. Unfortunately, both splits will have to be looked at separately, as CLG switched from Pobelter to Huhi between summer and spring, and replaced Doublelift with Stixxay.

Even without the regional title from 2015 Summer, 2016 Spring was a high-water mark for CLG, including one of the rare instances of a strong international performance by an NA team. After winning the finals against TSM in a close 3-2 series, the squad headed to MSI.

From that point on, no NA squad has ever taken a game off SKT. But during MSI 2016, both SKT and RNG split 1-1 with CLG. The NA underdogs continued through the elimination bracket, taking down one opponent after the next until they sat across from SKT in the Finals.

And while SKT would defeat CLG decisively, their 2016 MSI performance was widely seen as the single best international performance for the region at that time. If we were able to take both 2015 Summer and 2016 Spring as a single squad, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more dominant team throughout NA history.


  • Second Place, 2016 Spring Regular Season
  • First Place, 2016 Spring Split
  • Finalist, 2016 MSI