League of Legends Patch 9.4 tier list: mid lane edition

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

The dust has settled on Patch 9.4 and we will examine what this means for the Patch 9.4 tier list ranking of mid laners. Which League of Legends champ fares best in the mid lane?

Once again, we take a look at what all the different tier list sources have to say about the state of the mid lane in our Patch 9.4 tier list aggregation. In Patch 9.3 we had no S tier champions, but Lissandra was at the top of the pack. Who rose and who fell in the Patch 9.4 tier list when it comes to mid laners (the raw data is available here)?

Patch 9.4 tier list – mid lane

S tier: Yasuo, Zed

A tier: Ahri, Katarina, Kassadin, Vladimir, Malzahar, Zoe, Lissandra, Fizz, Anivia, Xerath, Karthus, Lux, Jayce, Leblanc

B tier: Vel’Koz, Orianna, Veigar, Ekko, Corki, Zilean, Twisted Fate, Sylas, Talon, Ziggs, Annie, Diana

C tier: Swain, Neeko, Cassiopeia, Irelia, Syndra, Aurelion Sol, Azir, Viktor, Ryze, Galio, Taliyah

D tier: Aatrox, Heimerdinger, Akali, Brand

Rising champions

Corki (C tier to B tier)

Our biggest riser of the Patch 9.4 tier list, Corki has been steadily climbing as a mid lane pick ever since he started getting buffs back in Patch 8.24(b) when he was one of the worst champions in the game. Now, the Daring Bombardier has risen to become an actual viable pick as a mid laner.

Zed (A tier to S tier)

Zed got some substantial buffs in Patch 9.4 and has risen the ranks of our mid lane tier list as a result. He’s been a consistent A tier pick so the changes he just got may have pushed him right to the top of the heap.

Sylas (C tier to B tier)

We detailed the Sylas changes a bit more in our Patch 9.4 tier list for top laners, but those same buffs that have made Sylas improved have also helped him here in the mid lane.

Falling champions

Heimerdinger (B tier to D tier)

The Revered Inventor hasn’t really been touched by buffs and nerfs of late, but he’s taken a significant tumble down our tier list in Patch 9.4. It’s unclear if this is a blip and Heimer will stabilize in Patch 9.5, or if he’s actually an unviable champion in the mid lane.

Cassiopeia (A tier to C tier)

Another mid laner that’s gotten frequent nerfs, though not in Patch 9.4, it appears they have finally caught up to the snake lady. Cassio has fallen off substantially from her past time as a top tier champion, and should only be picked by those proficient on her.

Talon (A tier to B tier)

It’s unclear why Talon has fallen off, considering he received no nerfs recently, nor was he ever a particularly big user of Conqueror. It’s possible that since one of his biggest counters, Yasuo, has emerged as the top mid lane champion.

Buffed champions


As we said above, Zed has benefitted substantially from these recent buffs and has become an S tier mid laner. It’s possible that Zed will begin to dominate pro play and SoloQ soon, and could see nerfs afterward.


The Emperor of Shurima improved in Patch 9.4 after the buffs to his attack speed, but it doesn’t appear to be enough for right now. He remains weak as a C tier champion.

Nerfed champions


If you want more information on how Sylas’s nerfs haven’t affected his win rate and efficiency, you can read about it in the top lane tier list.


Karthus dropped in the rankings, yes, but only from a high-A tier mid to a low-A tier champion. Those nerfs to his Q, as I mentioned in the patch notes breakdown, were not enough to knock him out of the meta completely.


Like with Sylas, we discussed the Yasuo nerfs and how the Conqueror changes have kept him at the top of the tier list in our top lane installment of the Patch 9.4 tier list.

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