League of Legends: Remembering Immortals – An insane era

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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The Immortals Summer

Immortals missed their chance at MSI, but they had their sights set on Worlds the following split. The honeymoon period had ended; their fans had seen their heroes blackened and bruised, humiliated in their most important match to date. Worse still, the LCS format had changed to a best-of-three, and Immortals only best-of series had, well, sucked.

Only the toughest supporters stuck around.

But again, Immortals seemed mostly untouchable. Throughout Summer, they dropped only two matches, both to the seemingly-unstoppable TSM, and both series’ hard-fought.

As Playoffs drew closer, people began to question their resolve, however, a sentiment that seemed well-founded. Locked into their Semifinal berth in Playoffs for the second split in a row, Immortals struggled against the third-place C9 — eventually dropping 3-2,. They then managed to sneak out in Third place, barely clutching against CLG in their own 3-2 series.

However, CLG had already clinched their Worlds ticket on championship points from their championship title of the last split, and Immortals were forced to watch the team they had beaten, head for the big stage.