League of Legends: the three best beginner champions for new players

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Sivir. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

3. Sivir

"“I always take my toll – blood, or gold.”"

In the lore, Sivir is a mercenary captain and hunter who patrols the desert lands of Shurima. Raiding tombs and fighting foes, Sivir is known for her fierce determination, relentless ambition, and desire for glory. However, Sivir has been caught in a power struggle among the Shurimans as the Ascendant (Xerath) battles the Shuriman Emperor (Azir) and Sivir must choose a side.

Passive (Fleet of Foot) – Sivir gains bonus movement speed when she damages an enemy champion.

Q (Boomerang Blade) – Sivir flings her blade in a target direction before it returns to her. The blade deals damage both on the way out and back. Use this to farm from long range, or to clear a lot of minions at once (it has a pretty wide cast area).

W (Ricochet) – Sivir’s next three attacks will bounce to nearby enemy champions. Use this any time you’re fighting, as the extra bounce damage will allow you to damage multiple enemies with only one attack.

E (Spell Shield) – Sivir gains a spell shield. Spell shields block the next enemy ability hit, effectively meaning Sivir will be immune to heavy damage or high crowd control abilities. If you see the enemy is throwing out an ability that’s been doing a lot of damage to you, try to time the spell shield the next time they ready it.

R (On the Hunt) – Sivir and her allies gain bonus movement speed. Use this whenever you and your buddies need to run to, or away from, a fight.

For items, Sivir generally likes anything with attack damage and attack speed, but she loves items with critical strike chance. Getting something like Statikk Shiv or Rapid Firecannon is great, especially once you pair it with an Infinity Edge (she loves this item) because your autos will do massively more damage.

Sivir’s trade pattern is basically to use Ricochet to get as many autos off on your enemy and the wave as possible, along with throwing out your Boomerang Blade, and use Spell Shield to block those nasty abilities. For new players, her kit is very straightforward, helps your team, and very forgiving.

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